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At Hy Court Farm, your comfort is important to us. Our bunkhouse is stationed in a loft above the main barn and functions as a full, green apartment.

The space is an open layout with a full kitchen, four separate twin beds and an offset bathroom with a full shower and composting toilet. You can rent one bed* or the entire space, depending on availability.

If you choose to bring your home with you, also available on the property are two full RV hookups. Please email for availability. There is an outdoor restroom with a toilet and sink for your convenience.


Check-in and check-out times depend on the purpose of your visit. Please coordinate with Casey Jones to determine times appropriate for you.

*When renting only one bed for the evening, you may be sharing the space with other visitors. If you would like to rent the entire space for your privacy let us know. We encourage our visitors to use this communal overnight setting as a way to network and build relationships with fellow horse owners, lovers and experts. Take advantage!

 Classroom Space

The bunkhouse stationed above the barn functions as an open and bright classroom space. With full setups, including tables and chairs, the room accommodates 15 students. In a stadium-style layout with chairs only, you can accommodate up to 25 students. Hy Court Farm provides the tables, chairs, projector and desired speaking platform for the presenter.

Coffee and water are complimentary and will be available each morning. If you are hosting a full-day event you will want to consider that Hy Court is located in a rural area, so there are not many close lunch options available. If you would like to have lunch served Hy Court can make arrangements for your group for an additional fee. Please email Casey Jones to discuss lunch options.


Hy Court Farm

Founded in 1998 with the vision of creating an environment to study, teach and explore every aspect of quality horsemanship, Hy Court Farm continues to bring together individuals whose talents and commitment create an atmosphere dedicated to bringing forth the best in every horse.

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At Hy Court Farm our programs and clinics offer vision, guidance and support by providing an educational path for horse owners, riders and competitors who seek to refine skills in supporting the horse’s physical and mental well-being.

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