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Janet Manley, BHSII – Visiting Instructor

Born, educated and trained in England, Janet brings over thirty years of experience in dressage, eventing and refined horsemanship to the Hy Court program.

Her formal training in the UK includes; Competition Groom for Sue Dutton, BHSI and International event rider. Groom to Richard Meade, OBE and four time British Olympian, two year student at The Talland School of Equitation under the instruction of Molly Sivewright FBHS, Pammy Hutton FBHS and Tracie Robinson BHSI.

After attaining her BHSAI and BHSII certifications, Janet emigrated to the United States and was hired as Assistant Manager for Sonset Farm Trakehner Stud in Rochester, NY.

Eventually settling in the Central Texas area and purchasing her own facility, Janet began her own training program including competing and coaching riders to regional and national eventing championships.

Janet has studied with, taken lessons from and participated in clinics with: Lucinda Green, Ian Stark, Hans Wikner, Dick Stillwell, Karen O’Conner, Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Linda Hoover, Tom Curtin, Karen Rohlf, Manolo Mendez, Charles De Kunffy, Anja Beran, Harry Whitney.

Over the years and through a blend of these influences Janet honed her focus.

Thanks to many supportive years from Hazel and the Hy Court program, she strives daily for the betterment of her own horsemanship skills and those of our clients and their horses with a goal of achieving more harmonious relationships.

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