aug 09 seminar 060Jillian Kreinbring’s four-part lecture series provides horse owners the information needed to understand how the horse’s body works through balance and collection. Students leave with an understanding of the importance of riding and working horses in healthy postures to strengthen and enhance equine well-being. The curriculum in each of the lectures builds a foundation of knowledge and the lectures are intended to be attended in order.

The lectures include:

  • Biomechanics – Understand Your Horse’s Movement to Realize their Potential
  • Rhythm – The First Riding Necessity
  • Relaxation – A Stepping Stone Toward Building Postural Strength and Health
  • Suppleness – Creating Elasticity and Mobility of Joints

Jillian also gives lessons to students that are interested in the well-being of the horse. If you are interested in lessons email Jillian about availability. Learn more about Jillian and how you can become a better rider through understanding how your horse and body can work together as one.

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