Casey M. Jones

Casey M. Jones began her formal equine education in 1998 when she attended the Equi-Myo West Institute in Santa Rosa, CA. Here she learned equine trigger point and myo-facial therapy. During this time she learned from Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Diana Thompson, Susan Tenny, and Tony Gonzales. Casey spent her practicum working at various race horse and hunter jumper facilities as a groom and body worker.

In her quest to learn more about Eastern and Western medicine she joined Dr. LuAnn Groves, as a vet tech at The Whole Horse clinic in San Marcos, TX. Here she learned about and assisted Dr. LuAnn Groves with chiropractic work, E-stem acupuncture, homeopathy, and many other body work modalities. Casey’s time at The Whole Horse clinic gave her the opportunity to work closely with Jock and Ivanna Ruddock, founders and educators of Equine Touch Therapy. As well as with Janek Vluggen, forefather of equine osteopathy at the Vluggen Institute.

Inspired by Janek’s vast knowledge of equine anatomy, and the effectiveness of osteopathy on horses, served as a catalyst for Casey to become an Equine Diplomat of Osteopathy. To date she has completed all of her course work through the Vluggen Institute.

Paralleling Casey’s equine bodywork is her business of trimming. Her trimming technique is influenced by Gill Gooden, Ove Lind, Don Mackenzie, Gene Lieser, Cynthia Niemela, and the School of Liberated Horsemanship. These vast influences, combined with her knowledge of equine osteopathy, lead her to develop her own style of trimming, which she refers to as Structural Trimming. Structural Trimming focuses on reading the patterns of a horse’s whole body and how it relates to the hoof, rather than a primary focus on the hoof alone. This enables Casey to trim each horse differently to maximize the mobility of a horse’s entire structure with the goal of improving overall vitality and quality of life.




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