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Hazel with Hy Court Winston (Haughty Marietta/Weltmeyer)Haughty Marietta - Hy Court Winston- Inspections

Linda Hoover and Hy Court Winston - Building confidence and curiosity


hy Court Farm is the culmination of Hazel’s life-long love of horses.  Raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, she sought to be with horses at every opportunity, whether to ride, handle or simply be around them.
Her interest in breeding was cultivated during her years working at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Animal Genetics and later at the Zoology Department at the University of Texas.Rule of Law - Feather Dot/Rotspon

With the creation of Hy Court Farm, and with guidance from Linda Hoover and Janet Manley,  Hazel brought together a sport horse breeding program representing exceptional bloodlines and outstanding mental readiness.

Throughout their development from birth to adulthood each horse has been treated as an individual with specific needs and capabilities.  Hy Court maximizes the capabilities of each with an eye to producing a ‘willing’ horse ready to meet the needs of the new owner.

These horses received careful structured handling from birth and have been exposed to varied social environments designed to lay a solid mental, emotional and physical foundation.

Winston "On the payroll" !
Hy Court lives the importance of how the handling of the initial learning for the foal sets the stage for his success in life … to be confident and curious in the world around him … to be eager to learn … to be trusting. From this place, the horse brings an openness and willingness to the partnership with the rider.

At Hy Court, we recognize that to be consistently successful in performance, a horse must possess a strong and positive outlook in every aspect of his life.  The shaping of this began within the first few days of life by inviting curiosity and confidence in our foals with every interaction.

Hy Court Winston
At Hy Court we offer our clients ongoing support with continued education for their young horses. We recognize that these early, patient steps may be the most important learning moments in the horse’s life and are the foundation for the developing years.
This thought is foremost in our minds as we design a program for each horse that allows for the realization of his full natural aptitude.







Horsemanship with Ginger Gaffney and Janet Manley

                hy Court welcomed the opportunity to work with Ginger and her wonderful approach to Horsemanship. These clinics over the years have brought together ever evolving ideas and experimentation with the art of horsemanship.                  This intensive retreat weekend was an opportunity to further understand how to work with […]


Hy Court Championship Show and Year End Awards

Our Fall II Show held on October 28 was Hy Court’s biggest show to date! A big thank you to everyone who has contributed in making our 2012 Show Series a huge success. This year has seen a closely matched competition for the High Point Championship Award which was to be decided at this final […]


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