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founded in 1998 with the vision of creating an environment to study, teach and explore every aspect of quality horsemanship, Hy Court Farm continues to bring together individuals whose talents and commitment create an atmosphere dedicated to bringing forth the best in every horse.

Through a blend of influences from Classical Dressage principles and the teachings of great American Horsemen, we find ties to the horsemen who believe in a foundation based on willing cooperation and respect, partnership without dominance and guidance without punishment.

At Hy Court our programs offer vision, support and guidance by providing an educational path for horse owners, riders and competitors who seek to refine skills which support the horse’s physical and mental well-being.



Photo- Heather Hafleigh

The Great American Legacy

  my direction took a huge shift in 1996 when I met Linda Hoover who introduced me to a new path of Horsemanship and revitalized my passion for riding. Thanks to her support and encouragement I began to realize the missing pieces of my search for a lighter way to ride were to be found […]


Curiosity and Collection

“Try to awaken curiosity by the tenderness of your aids.” — Nuno Oliveira     Collection is containment of the horse’s physical and mental state. The horse’s full, expressive energy should not be confined only filtered, altered in intensity, re-shaped and re-directed. As the horse and rider work together it is the responsibility of the […]


Two Finger Rule

                I recently attended a forum “Improving your Judging Eye” and returned reflecting on many things regarding the past, present and future of Dressage. I often have to ask myself “what would someone who is unfamiliar with the training of horses think about some of the images presented […]




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